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Real Messages from Heaven (Faye Aldridge)


A Message from Beyond the Grave What would you think if you received a fax from Heaven? Burke Aldridge passed away in 2005 at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. Before Burke’s death, he told his wife he would send her a fax from Heaven to let her know he was all right. Since his death, two doctors—who did not know each other—have seen Burke appear in their homes, and they both received similar messages from him.The doctors faxed letters to Burke’s wife, Faye Aldridge, documenting their after-death encounters and the content of Burke’s message.A Fax from Heaventells this story, along with many other miraculous true stories as told to Faye Aldridge. The author has included many of her own inspiring lived experiences. These extraordinary events are God’s messages of hope. He is with us, and He reveals Himself in supernatural ways to those who listen with expectant faith.God is real and as close as our shadow on a summer day! Encounter Him for yourself!

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Real Messages from Heaven (Faye Aldridge)


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